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Fight for the day and night, and live up to your time——NFLG's 2020 marketing system training has successfully concluded


On January 9th, the five-day training program for the 2020 marketing system of NFLG successfully concluded in Quanzhou. Nearly 160 people, including agents, marketing and service elites from all regions of the country participated in the training, exchanged and shared many useful things, helped trainees to further improve marketing literacy, and better serve customers.



On the first day of the marketing system training, Mr. Zuo Keli, CEO of NFLG, pointed out that with the rapid development of NFLG at home and abroad, building a professional marketing system and improving team service levels are the top priorities. I hope that everyone will implement the core corporate values of NFLG, focus on ingenuity, courage to take the responsibility, adhere to the supremacy of customers, seek truth from facts, be determined to move forward, and start a new journey.


The marketing system training provided systematic training content for trainees. The course covered the core corporate values of NFLG, product knowledge and service planning, marketing tools and logic, and corporate management and operation of agents. After the course, a special assessment test is also set up, which is intended to truly improve the product and service level of marketers, further strengthen the ability to grasp market information, and timely grasp the future cutting-edge trends of the industry.




The marketing training expanded and deepened the form and content of the course, explained the knowledge through case studies, and clarified the problems. The students benefited a lot. In terms of training content, streamlined courses, from details to the whole, enable students to receive practical knowledge in a short period of time, which improves pertinence; and this training session has both "one person speaks, everyone listens" lecture format, and also has a salon model of "Everyone talks, everyone discusses" salon mode, and there are junior and intermediate classes set up for different levels, which are combined with each other, and the trainees praise them.

During the training and lectures, the lecturers communicated and shared with actual cases, which made the participants understand at the first sight and formed a more active interaction in the classroom.







At the same time, the training also invites guest lecturers to provide agents and management teams with propaganda ideas and new tools to help them continue to learn, gradually internalize their knowledge, and contribute to the sustainable and healthy development of the company.


At the end of the training, Mr. Yang Zengting, Marketing Director, gave a training summary. He pointed out that with the continuous upgrading of various industries, the market is more rational and customers are more professional. We must continue to build the product chain and brand advantages of NFLG's "stirring ecosystem", and then strengthen the core market competitiveness of "best products + best solutions + extreme services" to stand out from the competition in the market.

Just fight for the day and night, and live up to your time! The horn of 2020 has sounded, and I hope that students will use this learning as an opportunity for their continuous learning and rapid growth, and constantly enhance their overall competitiveness, and then anchor the task to go forward courageously and do their best to do their job well. We will not shame our mission and jointly build a glorious future for NFLG.

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