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Support change and forge ahead with the 2019 event of NFLG


At the beginning of the New Year, everything is renewed. In 2019, throughout the whole year's development, the internal and external driving forces, development model and decisive factors for the continued growth of China's construction machinery industry are all changing. Looking back from the new starting point of 2020, what has NFLG gained in the past year?

2019, our products make history.

Innovating production methods and seeking new development have become the first issues for modern enterprises to consider. In this era full of changes and challenges, NFLG has achieved product and market development requirements and a deeper fit with the times by virtue of its many years of technical persistence, which has won market affirmation and fruitful results.

In 2019, NFLG's concrete mixing equipment will continue to serve CGN's nuclear power plant projects on the southeast coast. This is the first time that NFLG's concrete mixing equipment has been used in nuclear power core concrete projects. It is also the first time that a domestic brand has broken into the nuclear power engineering field.


In 2019, NFLG and Jiangsu Tiannuo jointly developed a “Complete Set of Technologies for Asphalt Pavement Recycling Material Precision Separation, Deep Recycling, and Diversified Utilization”, which achieved the first complete separation of asphalt powder and aggregate from recycled asphalt mixture, The feat of reapplying to the surface of a highway.


In 2019, NFLG continued to invest a lot of financial resources and energy in the field of mobile crushing and screening. After self-research and development, NFC1300S track conical flat crushing equipment was born to break the cocoon, creating a shiny new business card for NFLG mobile crushing and screening products.


In 2019, the construction waste sorting equipment independently developed by NFLG has replaced traditional manual sorting with machine sorting, adapting to complex and changing working conditions, maintaining efficient working conditions, saving labor costs, and achieving recycling of valuable construction waste.


In 2019, NFLG products appeared in the 2019 BMW Germany exhibition, with the whole series of overall solutions on the stage, merchants from all over the world witnessed the unique charm of Chinese brand NFLG.

In 2019, NFLG based on high-precision cutting-edge numerical control equipment, created a digital workshop integrating informatization, digital, and intelligence, promoted the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology, and promoted more precise and rapid processing and manufacturing with advanced productivity, High-efficiency, more flexible, agile, and intelligent manufacturing systems, thereby improving the accuracy and quality of product processing, and ultimately promoting profound changes in manufacturing models.


The gradual landing of high-tech equipment in the production workshop has effectively improved the efficiency of intelligent production. In terms of production software, NFLG independently developed an intelligent manufacturing management system suitable for its own production model, realized a collaborative framework with other departments, and gradually realized the move to a smart workshop and digital factory.

In 2019, our marketing system will be more professional.

In 2019, NFLG's marketing work shows new changes: a more specialized concept, a more complete business model, a more complete marketing system, a more professional and scientific agency construction and development, and a closer relationship between the company and the agency's "common community".

In 2019, the marketing personnel fighting at the forefront accumulated professional and profound knowledge reserve, shouldered the responsibility of "speaker" for the brand image of NFLG, solved "pain points" for customers from the perspective of customers, provided high-level services, and realized value-added for customers.


In 2019, NFLG gradually shifted to customer-oriented, online and offline marketing under the "Internet +" mega trend has been promoted in an orderly manner, and the expansion and extension of new marketing channels has simplified the sales process, reduced sales costs, and brought new development opportunities.


In 2019, we gradually improved the corporate training system and assessment mechanism. The industrial service staff took the initiative to help the agent to complete the deficiency, and at the end of the training, a comprehensive examination was conducted to complete the inspection and fill the gap. At the same time, the length of off-time learning is included in the assessment mechanism to quickly complement and renew service knowledge.


In 2019, with the help of China's one belt and one way strategy, NFLG gradually deepened the strategic layout of overseas markets, covering more than 70 countries and regions in the world. In June of the same year, a delegation of 22 countries and international organizations in China visited NFLG for investigation and visit. NFLG showed the excellent brand image of Chinese brand precision manufacturing to global users.

In the future, NFLG will adhere to quality first, efficiency first, and continuously promote enterprises to carry out quality change, efficiency change, and power change, build a scientific and professional marketing system, and enhance the economic innovation and competitiveness of enterprises.

In 2019, we narrowed the distance between customers and services

In the field of construction machinery, NFLG Mixing Institute provides customized services according to customer needs, not only focusing on user experience, but also completing the linkage of products and services, creating value for more customers.


In 2019, NFLG Mixing Institute customized special customer training courses for strategic partners, interactive learning in the classroom and on-site practical operations, which made the course achieve remarkable results. NFLG also completed the transformation from the equipment production platform to the product service platform, and realized the deep integration of products and services.


In 2019, NFLG safety bulletin was released. Production safety is most important, and the publicity bulletin has laid a solid foundation for customers and employees to create a safe production environment and provide safe and efficient services.


In 2019, the intelligent logistics of NFLG won the trust of more customers. Based on the Internet of Things technology such as the mobile end of the forklift driver, the loading and transfer system in the workshop, it helps to rationalize the deployment of the order within the factory. In the links of transportation, storage, packaging, loading and unloading, it highlights the "customer-centricity" and adjusts in real time according to changes in customer needs, truly achieving logistics traceability, monitoring, and immediate response.


In 2019, NFLG Industry's return visit team walked into the enterprise, listened to the voice of users, found problems in the return visit service, and resolved the problem. The cloud platform system can remotely monitor in real time, cooperate with the field service single soldier system, realize the online consultation of headquarters engineers, and provide proactive preventive after-sales service. Working style of seeking truth from facts has won the trust of customers and created a good brand reputation.


In 2019, NFLG Mixing Institute has continuously developed excellent courses, strengthened the construction of lecturers, improved the level of training skills, and provided important assistance for industry training, forums and other activities on many occasions. It has become a pioneer position in the field of industry knowledge and skills services.

Focusing on the core of “creating value for customers”, NFLG continues to deepen its services and provide systematic overall solutions, and gradually optimizes and improves industrial service levels in terms of team building, division of labor and collaboration, information channels, and security systems to achieve to maximize customer value.

In 2019, we built a mixing ecosystem

The continuous maturity of the market and customers, on the one hand, has deepened the re-understanding of mixing equipment in the entire field of the engineering mixing industry, and on the other hand, it has also deepened the deep understanding of the market demand of equipment manufacturing enterprises. How to realize the comprehensive profit of economic benefits, environmental benefits, and social benefits is an important factor for service-equipment manufacturers in transition and upgrading to plan in advance for customers.

NFLG constantly insists on making the mixing special, precise, deep and thorough, to achieve the acme. It injects new vitality into the traditional industry with green and environmental protection equipment, provides innovation drive for intelligent manufacturing, and also provides customers with real overall solutions to truly create the "engineering mixing ecosystem" of the industry.


In the "engineering mixing ecosystem", NFLG has been recognized by more and more customers. This year, NFLG has provided intelligent overall solutions including production equipment of commercial concrete, dry mixed mortar and machine-made sand for Wanfo tower in Mengcheng; NFLG's equipment of commercial concrete + dry mixed mortar environmental protection production line is applied to Xuzhou guanrun building materials...

Behind product success, NFLG advocates technological innovation, digestion, absorption and innovation in learning. Plum blossom fragrance has come from bitter cold. Through years of technology accumulation, NFLG's "engineering hybrid ecosystem" is destined to increase.


Accumulation of small step to travel a thousand miles, to the vast and subtle. Thirty years extraordinary years, carved NFLG captain wind and waves, forging ahead of the mark, also witnessed its adhering to the original intention, to climb the peak elegant demeanour.

Standing at a new starting point in 2020, let's embrace change, forge ahead and write a new chapter of NFLG.

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