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Home News A boost for "the Belt and Road ":NFLG Appears at Russian Road Show 2019

A boost for "the Belt and Road ":NFLG Appears at Russian Road Show 2019


The world-famous event for the construction machinery industry “Russian ROAD 2019” was grandly being held at Yekaterinburg International Convention and Exhibition Center from 16th to 18th October.The exhibition is large in scale with all fields of construction machinery covered, attracting more than 300 exhibitors from China, Russia, Italy and some other countries.NFLG, as a professional service provider and manufacturer, has been committing to overall solution in engineering mixing field for the past years. On this fair, NFLG (booth No.:1A-23.1) with its overall solution of series of brand-new asphalt mixing equipment made its debut and has successfully presented the world the power and strength of Chinese national brand.


It is reported that the ROAD 2019 road exhibition is a large-scale international professional exhibition jointly organized by the Russian Federal Road Administration, the General Administration of Road Safety of the Russian Ministry of Interior and the Russian State-owned Highway Company. It brings together major participants in the Russian road industry, international experts and road engineering equipment manufacturers. It is dedicated to solving the construction and operation of Russian intelligent transportation and building a new type of transportation network. It plays an important leading role in Russian road construction.


In recent years,Russia has continuously increased its infrastructure construction, and there is a fast-growing tendency in the whole construction machinery market. Based on years of continuous development and operation, the Russian market has become one of the major overseas markets of NFLG, and the brand of NFLG has been widely accepted by Russian customers.At the exhibition, many Chinese and foreign businessmen was attracted to take  visit and made a consultation. Through the detailed introduction of the staff, a further understanding of NFLG in the field of professional R&D and innovation has come to their mind, the overall solution of NFLG has been highly recognized as well, and even the unique charm of made in China has profoundly impressed the customers present.


The "the Belt and Road" strategy put forward by China has provided a regional advantage for China and Russia to expand infrastructure cooperation.With its high-quality products and services, NFLG has provided numerous asphalt mixing equipment of various types to large construction enterprises in Russia. At the same time, NFLG has been actively expanding the countries along the "the belt and road”. Its products have been exported to many emerging markets such as India, Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on. It has won the trust of customers with high efficiency, environmental protection and safe equipment performance and has been deeply recognized by local customers.

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