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Stirring equipment of NFLG shines on the 19th Bauma CTT Russia 2018


During June 5th to 8th, the 19th Bauma CTT Russia 2018 was held at Moscow's crocus exhibition center. CTT exhibition is one of the largest and most influential engineering machinery and technology exhibitions in Russia, central Asia and eastern Europe. It is held once a year in Russia. During this exhibition, NFLG displays a series of equipment such as concrete mixing plant, asphalt mixing plant and dry mortar mixing plant. During the exhibition, many customers from Russia and neighboring countries visited NFLG exhibition booth to consult relevant information of equipment.


In recent years, Russia has continuously increased infrastructure construction, and the whole construction machinery market is showing a rapid development trend. The Russian market is one of the major overseas markets of NFLG. After years of continuous development and operation, NFLG has been widely recognized by Russian customers. At the exhibition, NFLG asphalt mixing equipment and dry mortar mixing equipment attracted many customers to stop and watch because of their environment-friendly and energy-saving product characteristics. The manager of NFLG on the scene enthusiastically and patiently introduced the equipment and technology to the customers and answered their questions.


In recent years, China’s “the belt and road” strategy has provided an opportunity for Russian development and also provided a regional advantage for the two countries to expand their infrastructure cooperation. NFLG has many sets of asphalt mixing plant, commercial concrete mixing plant and dry mortar mixing plant in Russia, which helps Russia's infrastructure construction. It has won high praise from customers for its environmental protection, high efficiency, intelligence and system performance.


As a representative of a national brand, NFLG will seize the opportunity of this CTT exhibition to seize the great historical opportunity brought by the “the belt and road” strategy to China’s construction machinery industry and focus on the innovative achievement of “focus on innovation and specialization” with stirring as its core. After years of continuous efforts in the Russian market, NFLG is widely recognized by Russian customers. It is believed that more and more high-quality equipment from NFLG will go abroad to serve global customers in the future.

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