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Home News We went to the southwest border with awe! —— NFLG’s mobile screening and crushing team made a Return Visit to the southwest in spring

We went to the southwest border with awe! —— NFLG’s mobile screening and crushing team made a Return Visit to the southwest in spring


No matter where our equipment is applied, no matter how far it is from us, as long as it is our equipment, our return visit of service will step to its side.


For engineering equipment, what ultimately plays a decisive role in the market is the competition among the service level, service capacity and service scope. Since 2017, when NFLG burst into the market, NFLG always put service upgrades at the top of the agenda. 

When a hot sale of mobile crusher is over after the 2018 lunar New Year, the market continued to advance steadily. In front of a good start of the market, NFLG must keep sober to think. In early April 2018, the minister Chen Liming of NFLG’s mobile crushing and screening division led the mobile crushing and technical service return visit team to Yunnan. Together with the agent team in Yunnan, they climbed mountains and wading all the way into the construction sites covered by the mobile crusher of NFLG. They communicated face to face with the southwest users, listened to their voices, and exchanged information of equipment on the spot for service against technology, maintenance and equipment improvement. This is to achieve the purpose of smooth communication among the equipment manufacturers, the regional dealers, and the users.




In Yunnan, the technical service team of NFLG went deep into the site line through the return visit to the new and old customers, and communicated the actual production needs, put forward corresponding technical rectification and maintenance suggestions for each different working condition, and conducted comprehensive technical training for the front-line operation and management personnel of the users. Through on-the-spot listening to the user's feedback on the real use experience of mobile crushing products over the years, a clear direction for the further market promotion of mobile crushing and screening products of NFLG has been made.



The choice of the market is always the final report card that determines whether a product is good or bad. NFLG mobile crusher team firmly take the international product technical service, localization of marketing service strategy with the fear of the market and customers, dedicated to provide users with worry-free service of whole life cycle of the product from pre-sale, sale to after-sale, fully concentrated to create excellent service brand for users. In the future, NFLG will continue to focus on the strategic positioning of “paying equal attention to both products and services", upgrade services to the strategic height as same as the products, and provide customers with efficient, professional and comprehensive service experience.

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