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NFLG Mobile crushing and screening equipment return visit (Henan stop)


Internationalized product technology, localized follow-up services, timely responses on the demand of accessories, face to face communications with customers are the important components of getting into the mobile crushing and screening market, which is listed on the headline agenda of NFLG. Mobile Crusher takes the initiative in 2018, service goes the first!

Just after the New year’s Day of 2018, the technology and marketing service team combined by the NFLG mobile crushing division deeply got into the targeted markets of mobile crushing and screening products, against the questions about services, technologies, maintenance, equipment improvements and other questions that clients cares, had face to face communication with clients. The service team came to the hinterland of the central plains, Henan, the first stop of the return visit.



In Henan, by visiting the new and old clients, NFLG’s technology and marketing service team got the chance to know about the production demands of our equipment in the practical engineering application, and had the opportunity to carry out comprehensive technique training for the operation and management staff who works in the front-line. By getting into the building site, listening to our users feedback of using our mobile crushing products on the spot, NFLG’s service team can ensure the direction of technical innovation on the mobile crushing and screening products is on the right way by getting into the building site and listening to users’ feedback of using our mobile crushing products on the spot.


During the return visit, Because of having dealt with NFLG’s products from concrete mixing plant to mobile impact crushing station for many years, some of our clients said that the quality of NFLG’s products can be appropriately summarized as relieved, reliable and qualified from years of applying experience. The mobile impact crushing equipment is mainly used to handle construction waste at present. On account of the efficient and stabilized working condition, the users are pleased with the crushing equipment. When the tracked mobile impact crusher is not used, it can be rented out to others because of its portable mobility which can truly create value for the owners.



The technology service team from NFLG’s headquarters and the regional agent team consolidated the general idea of paying attention to both the product and service from actual work, strengthened the ambition of marching into the mobile crushing and screening market. Our teams also are determined to build up the international services of product and technology, to reinforce the localized marketing services and to create values for our end-users.


NFLG is always committed to provide complete pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales worry-free services for our clients, totally concentrating on creating distinguished service brand for the users. With the arrival of year 2018, the return visit will continue to carry on which is aim to delivery the service promise of NFLG, make sure the technology stays in synch, improve service quality and create values for our clients ultimately. NFLG will pay more attention to services so that it can be valued as much as the products based on the strategy which covers the product positioning with services as the key element. By doing this, NFLG devoted itself to offer efficient, professional and comprehensive service experience.

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