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Continuous effort, insistent contribution


Another May arriving, every cities domestically getting hot, NFLG salesmen start another trip to Saudi Arabia, where heat waves passionately.

Since long NFLG has being focusing on this vast and boundless land, we do utmost to deepen the knowledge of the market, service and keep good relationship with the existing clients, strike for new orders. Our trip begins from Persian Gulf Dammam of eastern province, via the capital/ political city Riyadh, to the biggest port city of Red sea Jeddah, from very east to very west of the nation.

Initially and routinely we visited NFLG plant users, both asphalt and concrete mixing plants during this journey, asking anything we could help, showing our attitude of oversea services. In return, most of the customers do appreciate the effort, which inspires us to keep providing timely and high-quality work. Sequentially, we visited new inquiry customers of asphalt, concrete, dry mortar mixing plant, plus construction waste recycling plant, did the detailed presentation of our company and each different product, shown customer reference located in Middle East, discussed the best suitable configuration and solution for customers, studied and exchange opinions of the market. As dedicated and professional as possible, we try and push each projects going to next step.

Focusing on innovation and specialization, we complete the one-month visiting, another milestone of the localization strategy over Middle East market. With full enthusiasm, NFLG will sustain contribution , sail together towards the shore of success with all treasured clients.

Some pictures from our customers job site :




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