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Crusher and aggregate processing machine


NFLG devotes to mixing plant from its foundation. However as the natural resource is becoming scarcer, we have to supply the raw material for ourselves. Therefore we have cooperated with TEREX from America for the crusher and KEMCO for sand-making machine. Meanwhile NFLG also solve the difficulty to recycle waste construction material. The highlight products are as follows:

1. Wheeled movable jaw crushing plant


The wheeled crushing equipment is increasingly favored by users due to its robustness, durability, energy saving, eco-friendly operation, high ratio of price to performance, and direct and effective working features. It is suitable for various working conditions including conditions at high elevations. The integrated unit is reasonably arranged on site, with simple and effective operation for easiest operation on site.

Equipment highlights:

The wheeled movable jaw crushing plant is incorporated with a robust and reliable jaw crusher and a heavy-duty vibrating bar grate feeder. It is a portable primary crushing plant with high output. The main unit is driven by external power supply to reduce purchasing and operating costs and also meet user requirement that it is not frequently moved but occasionally transported. During short-distance transportation, the machine is simply and conveniently moved with folded legs while being towed with towing truck.


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2. Fuel - electric caterpillar movable conical crushing plant



NFLG E series of fuel-electric caterpillar movable crushing screening equipment uses electric driven crusher for working ad diesel engine driven caterpillar for traveling, with reduced production costs and ensuring flexibility, still with features of high efficiency, energy conservation and eco-friendly operation.


Fuel - electric caterpillar movable conical crushing plant is working with electric driven, with energy saving, and reduced maintenance costs of the hydraulic system. It is equipped with conical main crushing unit HC1000, directly driven by motor, and provided with overloading protection system and the discharge opening is hydraulically adjusted. The diesel engine drives caterpillar to travel and equipment folding/unfolding. After the equipment is positioned in place on site, it is connected to city power source to electrically drive main unit for crushing and supply other equipment as needed. In addition, this equipment features fast installation, easy servicing, high reduction ratio, high output and advanced electrical control system.



Jobsite on MingDa building in Huaihua city, Hunan province

3. Caterpillar movable impacting crusher


Caterpillar movable impacting crusher is an integrated unit for installation to avoid complicated infrastructure construction and installation operation, with reduction in installation cost and labor hours saving. The equipment is designed with significant advantages such as convenient handling, energy-saving and environmental protection, high productivity, low operating cost as well as quick and flexible arrangement on site. It may be directly put into service after being positioned in place on site.


It is a medium-duty catepillar movable impacting crushing plant and is specially designed for quarrying, mining and solid waste recycling. It is equipped with caterpillar running system and may be operated in the most demanded environment. Also, it features such benefits as easy installation, high fuel utilization rate and high output, etc. Advanced electronic control system is fitted to control rotor revolution. Pre-screening vibrating feeder for coordinated feeding helps to realize the ideal output of the crusher.


4. Construction waste recycling production line


Our construction waste recycling production line includes pre-processing, magnetic selection, soil separation, manual picking, light material separation and final products distribution, it is adopted in the mixed construction waste processing with high working efficiency.

Equipment highlights:

we successfully overcome the problem of separating light and heavy material in the waste, the method is to combine minus pressure absorbing and positive pressure blowing together, realizing the best separating proportion and precision. Meanwhile, since the material like iron, wood, cables, powder can be divided and recycled, it could be the most environment-friendly and profitable.

5. Crushing, shaping, sand making integrated solution


This integrated solution is a complete and recycling industry chain, from the mining excavation, crushing and screening, shaping, sand making to final products distribution. The user can do the overall planning and intensive management.

Equipment highlights:

NFLG has a totally new aggregate processing concept and unique sand making system. The automatic distribution system for final products and intelligent control of vehicles could reduce the environment pressure and increase the profit in the long run, this is a virtuous circle. The contained design avoids the noise and dust pollution.


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