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Oval Screen

NFLG oval screen 3NTH1860 is applied to a fixed production line in Beijing, China, with an output of 500t/h.

Location: Beijing, China

Model: 3NTH1860

Startup: 2019

Equipment highlights: Stable performance, high screening efficiency

Introduction& Advantages

NFLG oval screen, firm in structure, unique fish-shaped frame support, oval motion track, three-layer side arm box increases the maximum stress area, suitable for coarse grain screening, natural aggregate and crushed aggregate fine sieving ,which has the characteristics of good sieving, large processing capacity and low installation height. It is an ideal equipment for various mines and quarries.

Get Parameters

The number of screen layers23232323
Screen size(mm)1560×48801930×60802235×60802540×6080
Maximum feed size(mm)200250
Processing capacity(t/h)6007008001000

Technical Advantages

Stable and efficient

Using oval running track, the length, angle and amplitude of the moving track can be adjusted to avoid the bumpy motion of the screen box of the straight running track, the running is more stable and the screening effect is good.

long lasting

There is a unique labyrinth seal in the bearing end cover, and non-contact rotation enhances the service effectiveness and service life of the seal.

High precision

It can screen a wide range of materials, easy to screen fine materials, powder materials, high screening accuracy, and low mixed screening rate.

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