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PE Series Jaw Crusher

PE Series Jaw Crusher

Location: China

Model: PE960+PE1175+PE1190+PE1210+PE1512

Startup: 2020

Equipment highlights: Widely used in various types of crushing operations with hardness and abrasion index.

PE Series Jaw Crusher

PE jaw crusher was put into use in Sanming, Fujian

Location: FuJian,China

Model: PE1190

Startup: 2019

Equipment highlights: Fast installation, convenient maintenance, and fast remote operation.

Introduction& Advantages

PE series jaw breaker is characterized by its ruggedness, durability and easy operation. It adopts hydraulic control system to adjust the size of material outlet easily and quickly.PE series jaws are assembled with heavy parts to optimize operation and extend service life. This series crusher is designed for crushing hard stone/ore and blasting concrete in quarry, mining and recycling industries.

Get Parameters

Discharge opening size(mm)930×580mm1070×760mm1100×850mm1220×1020mm1500×1200mm
Basic configuration weight(kg)11870kg17300kg29500kg43376kg79080kg
CSS Range(mm)60-175mm80-200mm70-200mm100-220mm125-220mm
Adjusting deviceHydraulic wedge
FrameBolt connection/castingWelding
Lubrication systemGrease lubrication

Technical Advantages

Intelligent adjustment of discharge port

Hydraulic wedge is installed inside the crushing machine to adjust the size of discharge port.PE1210/PE1512 is equipped with automatic crushing clearance adjustment system, which can be remotely operated with one key and can be set in only 30 seconds.

Easy to maintenance

The jaw plate is fixed by the mechanical wedge locking system. It is convenient and quick to replace the jaw plate, so as to avoid operators from contacting the bolts inside the main machine, which will affect the operation of the equipment.

Running stability

High precision casting of movable jaw support plate, non-lubricity of bracket plate, self-positioning roller bearing and high strength spindle design ensure the stability of the equipment. At the same time, the equipment downtime is short, to the greatest extent to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

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