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Whether it is precisely-shaped aggregate for Super pave or closely-sized stone for landscaping, your customers are requiring tighter specifications for product these days. As a result, you have to exercise tighter control over your process. The most effective point to do that is at your screen. And the most efficient screen to choose is the NTH1860-3 screen with its legendary oval stroke design. The NTH1860-3 screen makes a case for themselves based on performance alone. Our unique herringbone bracing to triple-wall reinforcements, prove that equipment endurance.

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Working rangeUsed to deal with coarse sieving, natural aggregate and finished fine sieves;
Plant Capacity800tph * Material is based on Limestone with bulk density 1.6T/m3. Actual capacity depends on the composition of raw materials, feed size and pre-screening.
Screen Boxtriple layer circular vibrating screen 6.1m x 1.83m

Geared To Productivity

The triaxial vibration structure is a core design of screen. The improved gear drive vibration device is more durable. Stroke adjust convenient, can be fine-tuning.

High-Strength Screen Box

High strength steel sidewalls extend wear life

All construction to withstand the stresses of day-to-day operation

Stiffened side plates

Triple wall around drive and impulse shafts adds extra strength in the area of greatest stress

Vertical angles at each corner increases rigidity

Continuous welded cross beams on large size screens

Designed For Low Maintenance and Long Life

Patented strategic oil flow holes in wall of drive hubs eliminate trapped lubrication and allow free-flow through the bearing, reducing temperature, extending equipment life

Patented wheel case baffles improve lubrication and reduce operating temperature for increased bearing life

Patented‘sealed-for-life’ O-ring wheel case construction for low maintenance

Precision cut eccentric weights provide optimum balance and smooth screen

Computer designed chrome-moly-nickel gear set with premium metallurgy and optimized tooth profile

High-tech rotary non-contact oil seal in hooded wheel case cover increases seal effectiveness and operating life

Eccentric spindle has slip fit pilot and wide bearing removal groove for high clamping force and easy bearing removal for smooth running and extended life

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