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Marketing and Sales Conference of NFLG Is Held In Tianjin in 2006


The three-day Marketing and Sales Conference of NFLG is successful closed on December 22 inTianjin.

     At 8:00, marketing and sales director Li Mingde announced the beginning of the conference. General Manager Fang Kai summarized the sales, production, after-sale and management of the company, highly praised the agents and managers for solving insufficient production problems, overcoming the difficulties and achieving 30% much more in total sales compared with last year. Director of Marketing Department, After-Market Department and Products Transport Sector has given a report of2006 and plan of next year.

Outstanding sales man of Beijing, Guangdong, Yunnan, Shandong, Jiangsu state the sale experience and after-sales management experience, and expressed their views on the current market situation and the difficulties encountered in the work. All the representatives gave their own views on the actual situation in their region and communicated in a harmonious atmosphere. General Manager Fang Kai explained the sale policy of 2007. Finally chairman FANG Qing Xi made a concluding statement on the scale construction, and forward-looking investment and development planning, and praised all crew for madding outstanding achievements on sales, after-sales service and corporate network applications, commended and rewarded related persons.

   During the meeting, the technical director Su Ganbin, R & D Minister YAN Zi Lee and Electronic Control Minister Peng Siming gave a detailed analysis of the technique on concrete mixing plant, asphalt mixing plant, coal / oil burner and electrical management and control, laying a sound foundation for 2007 sales service.
 Finally, the agents, the Office Manager, Corporate leadership discussed intimately and communicated extensively on common concerned issues. The General Assembly was ended in a harmonious atmosphere.

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