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March! From mixing ecological chain to fine aggregate, the road of NFLG's fixed crushing


NFLG has been focusing on mixing since its establishment. After 2010, based on the pain points in the mixing field, it put forward cross-border thinking and sent out soul torture: the quality control of raw materials determines the final quality of the final mixing product. At the same time, it pointed out the current dilemma of mixing ecology in the industry: those who understand mixing are not familiar with crushing and materials, those who understand crushing are not familiar with mixing and materials, and those who understand materials are not familiar with crushing and mixing. In those series of thoughts, NFLG will focus on tracing the line of sight from the mixing ecological chain up to the front end of the material, focusing on the processing of fine aggregates, from the production of materials to the final utilization, and also considering the construction links. Such as, mortar Mechanized spraying, concrete pumping, and asphalt pavement paving. It put forward the systematic thinking of "mixing ecological chain".


From the height of the mixing ecological chain, overlooking the product application, the value of high-quality aggregate has a profound impact on the finished building materials. Such as, concrete, asphalt mixture, and dry-mix mortar. Therefore, NFLG puts forward a trilogy of "Peerless Double Pride":

1.Shaping and sand making equipment are matched with concrete mixing equipment

Good grain shape, good gradation, low void ratio, low slurry dosage, low cost, good concrete mixing rheology, easy pumping, low abrasion, high concrete strength, high mechanical properties and durability, and quality assurance.

2.Shaping and sand making equipment are matched with asphalt mixing plant

Excellent grain shape, excellent gradation, no waste powder, minimal spillage, minimal pollution, minimal water content, minimal energy consumption, minimal asphalt, minimal cost, extremely high efficiency, excellent quality, and absolute maintenance Less, extremely long life, extremely high profit, excellent reputation

3.Shaping and sand making equipment are matched with dry-mix mortar equipment

The grain shape is round, the gradation is good, the powder content is controllable, the porosity is low, the amount of slurry and admixtures is low, and the cost is saving; no hollowing, no cracking, no peeling; easy to mechanized spraying.


As we all know, NFLG's shaping and sand-making fine aggregate processing equipment is "originally" from KEMCO (Nippon Kotobuki Engineering & Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.), but it is not only "originated". In 2011, NFLG cooperated with Japan's KMECO to introduce the most advanced raw and recycled material processing technology in the world. Through the strategic layout of nearly 10 years, NFLG's shaping sand making equipment has blossomed all over the country, and nearly 200 sets of equipment have served domestic new and regular customers.


Nippon Kotobuki Engineering & Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. has 85 years of R&D and manufacturing history in the field of aggregate crushing, and its product expertise is highly praised in Japan and the world. Adhering to the common dedication to specialization, NFLG reached a strategic partnership with it in 2011, and fully introduced the complete set of crushing and shaping sand making technology from KEMCO. And perfecting the NFLG's industrial chain of mixing as the core, rock to road, rock to building.


Takashi Kagu (1953~2019), Ph.D. Chief Engineer of KEMCO

Served at KEMCO in 1979 until his death in 2019. He has been deeply involved in crushing, plastic shaping, and sand making for 40 years.


Japan's first V7 was put into use in 2000, and it has been running efficiently and stably for 20 years.

History of NFLG's crushing and shaping and sand making equipment

1935  Okuhara Jiro established the company’s parent company, Okuhara Workplace, in Aga Town, Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

1945  Started to develop and put into use jaw crusher

1975  Started to develop cone crusher and put it into use

1977 Technical cooperation with New Zealand's Barmac company "Barmac impact crusher"

1979  Established "Kotobuki Engineering & Manufacturing Co.,Ltd."

1980  Started to develop US series sand making machine

1988  V7 series testing machine was successfully developed

1990 Started to develop the latest version of Auto Jaw series jaw crusher and Auto Cone series bearing-type multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher (discharge opening stepless automatic adjustment)

2000  V7 series tower-type dry sand making equipment was officially put into use on site, and quickly occupied more than 90% of the Japanese market

2011  NFLG and KMECO have entered into a strategic cooperation to fully introduce KEMCO's complete set of crushing and shaping sand making technology

2012  The first V7-60 series tower-type dry sand making equipment manufactured by NFLG was put on the market

2013  The V7-100 jointly developed by NFLG and KEMCO was put on the market

2014  Based on the characteristics of the Chinese market, NFLG and KMECO jointly developed the S3 series of shaping and sand making machines, S3-650 and S3-1030 were put on the market

2015  The fine  aggregate production line of NFLG used in the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge of Century Project

2017  V7-150 and S3-1545 were successfully developed and put on the market

2019  S3-2060, the world's largest single-unit sand making host, was successfully developed and put on the market. The throughput of the shaping mode is 600 tons per hour, and the throughput of the sand making mode is 200 tons per hour

2020  Fully launched fixed crushing and screening equipment

From the origin of the original KEMCO, and do in-depth product refinement. NFLG's fixed crushing and screening equipment, as a latecomer, the product line layout has changed from 200 tons/hour to 1,600 tons/hour.


It needs to be pointed out that in the core crushing process cone crusher, the crusher of NFLG multi-cylinder cone crusher adopts bearing transmission structure, full roller bearing transmission, low friction resistance, fast speed, high efficiency, and the same energy consumption. The production capacity is 5-10% higher than the copper sleeve cone. The operation and maintenance cost is 30%+ lower than that of the copper sleeve cone, and the finished product has a better grain shape. The pin-shaped content is 3-5% lower than that of the copper sleeve cone.


In recent years, the pattern of the entire crushing equipment industry has undergone tremendous changes. The demand for complete sets of sand and gravel production equipment has become increasingly obvious. At the same time, new market requirements such as special crushing equipment such as construction waste crushing equipment, and fixed crushing equipment have been newly added. The crushing equipment will be extremely popular. NFLG will make full efforts to enter the fixed crushing market in 2020 and comprehensively improve the level of R&D and manufacturing. The fixed crushing equipment provides customers with an overall solution for crushing with extremely high environmental standards, and helps users to achieve a double harvest of economic and social benefits. The processing of fine aggregates to the mixing of professional engineering and the utilization of solid waste in construction fully protects the sustainable development of the industry.



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