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bauma CHINA 2020 Concrete mixing plant of NFLG exhibits(2)



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From November 24 to 27, bauma CHINA 2020 (Shanghai bauma Engineering Machinery Exhibition) will be held as scheduled at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. NFLG will bring a full range of products in the field of engineering mixing; equipment on-site live operation demonstration, cloud service interactive experience, and mixing academy research and development results, and many other new products will be unveiled. As the exhibition is approaching, NFLG will show you the exhibition in advance.

Vertical shaft planetary mixer JN3000G


Scope of application

Dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic concrete mixing, mixing of various proportions of concrete and mortar, special concrete and other fields.

Equipment highlights

Superior performance and high efficiency.

Countercurrent planetary (revolution + two-way rotation) two-way mixing method, suitable for various mixing conditions.

Multi-layer abrasion protection, continuous high-load production.

Hydraulic unloading, stable and low noise.


The main parameters

Main motor power: 132KW

Feeding volume: 4500L

Discharge volume: 3000L

Hydraulic station power: 2*5.5KW

Automatic waste wet concrete recycling equipment (model)

The WCRE60 full-automatic wet concrete recycling equipment developed by NFLG has a large actual processing capacity and zero discharge of waste water and slag. At the same time, it also realizes fully automatic unattended control and car washing, which are safe, stable, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, Comprehensive advantages of intelligence.


Scope of application

The internal cleaning of the tank body of the concrete transportation tanker in the cement concrete mixing site, and the pipeline cleaning of the concrete transportation pump truck, realize the recycling and utilization of waste wet concrete, and achieve the zero discharge standards of waste water and residue.


Equipment highlights

The aggregates are cleaned more cleanly and dehydrated more thoroughly. The recovered water is separated and filtered twice, without solid particles larger than 0.075mm in size. The concentration of recovered water is controllable to ensure the quality of recovered water.

Simple foundation construction, low civil construction cost, convenient and quick installation.

Low failure rate, easy maintenance, supporting various safety protection measures and intelligent failure detection.

Fully automatic control PLC control program, unattended.

The standard equipment can be used to clean 2 tank cars at the same time, and up to 4 car wash spaces can be selected. The actual processing capacity is large, which can reach 60m³/h.

Car wash on flat ground, no need to climb, reduce car damage and fuel consumption.

Using professional sand pump, long life.

The sewage tank has automatic sewage discharge function.


The main parameters

Number of car washes available at the same time: 2 as standard

Separated minimum aggregate particle size: 0.075mm

Separated maximum bone particle size: 120 mm

Fresh water supply flow: 50t/h

Steel mixing tank: 1 standard

Volume of mixing tank: Water cut volume is about 150 m3

The equipment occupies the ground: 17 meters * 14 meters

Processing capacity: 60m3/h

Installed power: 115kW

Installation log

It has been 15 days since the installation of the exhibits and equipment of NFLG at the Bauma Exhibition. After the safety morning meeting, the installation team quickly got in place and began another day of installation work. Today, the construction of equipment such as A9S fixed crusher and robot sorting is mainly carried out.



Next preview

The vertical shaft planetary mixer and fully automatic wet concrete recycling equipment unveiled today show the expertise and innovation of NFLG in the field of mixing. Look ahead to the exciting exhibits in the next issue, and we will introduce you the model of NFLG's environmentally friendly mobile station.

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Focus on Mixing, Rock To Road, Rock To Building
Mixing Ecosystem, Intelligent IoT


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