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Bauma CHINA 2020 Asphalt Mixing Plant of NFLG Exhibits (3)



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From November 24 to 27, Bauma CHINA 2020 will be held as scheduled at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. NFLG will bring a full range of products in the field of engineering mixing, equipment on-site live operation demonstration, cloud service interactive experience, and a variety of new products such as the research and development results of the mixing institute. With constant exhibitions, NFLG will take you to watch the exhibition in advance.

GTL continuous asphalt mixture drying and mixing equipment


Functional Overview

A design of counter-flow drum can extend the drying and mixing time to the greatest extent, combined with a unique blue smoke recycling system, achieve the effect of reducing combustion loss and eliminating emissions pollution, and can stably produce high-quality asphalt with high output and high regeneration rate Mixture.

Characteristics of the equipment

Equipment capacity: 500t/h

Multifunctional and flexible application of aggregate drying and mixing equipment

Separation of drying zone and mixing zone

Patented blade system with adjustable drying zone

Long mixing zone and patented mixing blade

20-50% recycled aggregate can be added

Unique powder returning system

Unique blue smoke recycling system

GLBR Premium Asphalt Mixture Production Line (Model)





Scope of application

Urban asphalt mixing plant is also suitable for mixing various asphalt mixtures in highway construction and maintenance operations.

Main parameters (GLBR4000)

Primary drum capacity: 320t/h (standard condition, 5% moisture content)

Thermal regeneration drum capacity: 160t/h (standard condition, 3% moisture content)

Cold material adding metering scale: 1t

Mixer host capacity: 5t

Hot material storage warehouse: 12 warehouses (it can expand)

Storage capacity of finished products: 330t (6 warehouses)

Functional Overview

1. It can realize thermal recycling of asphalt concrete recovered from waste roads and realize resource recycling.

2. It can realize the mixing of various asphalt concretes, such as colored asphalt, SMA, and an automatic device for adding anti-rutting particles and other additives.

3. It can achieve environmentally friendly emissions, and the emissions from equipment operation meet the national environmental protection standards and meet the green asphalt mixing standards.

4. It can realize the pretreatment of original and recycled materials, realize the production of high-quality asphalt concrete, and ensure the quality and cost of concrete.

Characteristics of the equipment

The overall machine design has no regeneration chute, the capacity of the mixer is increased, and the recycled materials can be added in a large proportion; the equipment platform is large, the height of the regeneration building is reduced, it is safe and reliable, and the installation is fast. The upgraded industrial elevator is easy to maintain.

It can be matched with a variety of additives, foamed asphalt, colored asphalt, cold addition of recycled materials, etc.
Double-row hot aggregate bins can realize continuous production switching of different types of aggregates.

Multi-finished product warehouse, realizes diversified and large storage of finished products, long-term insulation, and adapts to urban and commercial needs.
Fully automatic loading, eliminating the need for loader to transport materials, has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving.

Full environmental protection patent design, solve the worries of the future.

Installation log

Today is the 9th day of the installation of the exhibits and equipment of the NFLG Bauma Exhibition. The temperature in Shanghai is 13°C-18°C, the temperature is suitable, the weather is still sunny, and the installation team is full of energy. 

Today, the main commercial concrete mixing building, sand making main building, asphalt aggregate elevator and drum layer platform were installed. After nearly ten days of installation work, the equipment exhibited by NFLG has begun to show its domineering performance.




Next preview

NFLG's integrated asphalt mixing equipment reflects NFLG's focus and dedication in technology research and development from equipment performance to environmental protection quality. Look ahead to the exciting exhibits in the next issue, and we will introduce you to another flagship product of NFLG -- the series of dry-mix mortar mixing equipment. Please continue to pay attention!

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Focus on Mixing, Rock To Road, Rock To Building
Mixing Ecosystem, Intelligent IoT


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