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Pursue the craftsman spirit to do better,treasure time and work hard in the new year


Blessed pig quits old, golden rat welcomes Chinese New Year. In order to thank everyone for their hard work and contributions over the past year, on January 10, 2020, NFLG 2019 end-of-year employee conference and appreciation banquet was held in Quanzhou headquarters. The theme of this conference is "Pursue the craftsman spirit to do better". Mr. Fang Qingxi, Chairman of NFLG, Mr. Fang Kai, General Manager, Mr. Zuo Keli, CEO, outstanding agent representatives, company executives and all employees are full of passion and brand new goals together, they share the glorious history and joy of 2019 and welcome a new chapter in the development of 2020. Colleagues from NFLG Xiantao Branch and Shanghai Branch participated in the conference simultaneously through the video conference system.


In order to sum up experience, recognize advanced, and inspire all employees to achieve better results in 2020, the conference first commended outstanding individuals and teams that have made outstanding contributions to the company's development in 2019. Issued in sequence, ten years long service awards, ten years of long-term cooperation awards, outstanding class leader award, innovative expert awards, outstanding employee awards, outstanding project awards, outstanding team awards, outstanding management elite awards, and craftsman awards etc. The company's vigorous development, it is inseparable from the hard work and selfless dedication of all employees.





6.jpgTen Years Long Service Awards

7.jpgOutstanding Class Leader Award

8.jpgInnovation Expert Award


10.jpgOutstanding Staff Award

11.jpgBest Newcomer Award

12.jpgOutstanding Lecturer Award

13.jpgOutstanding Project Award

14.jpgOutstanding Team Award

15.jpgOutstanding Management Elite Award

16.jpgCraftsman Award

Let us use the spirit and wisdom of craftsmen to create and inherit. Every step of the development of NFLG is inseparable from everyone's hard work. Thanks to everyone for their outstanding contributions to the company's development. The achievement is inseparable from the support of the company's leaders, and the strong support and cooperation of various departments. The glorious performance has become a thing of the past. In the new year, everyone will continue to contribute more power to the development of NFLG.


Subsequently, Mr. Zuo Keli, the CEO of NFLG, came to the stage to give a speech. He comprehensively reviewed the achievements of NFLG in 2019 and fully affirmed everyone's work. At the same time, he emphasized that it is necessary to continue to implement the core values of NFLG, to be determined, and to make greater contributions to the company's development. In addition, Mr. Zuo Keli also looked forward to the company's development goals in 2020. At the end of his speech, he also sent a sincere New Year wishes to all employees.


At the end of the conference, Mr. Fang Qingxi, the chairman, made an important speech, congratulating and thanking the company for its achievements and employees' contributions in 2019. At the same time, he pointed out that 2020 is a year full of hope and challenges, past achievements are the foundation of the future. In the future, NFLG will continue to focus on the core of “creating value for customers”, continue to deepen services, provide systematic overall solutions, and improve team building, division of labor and collaboration, information channels, and security systems etc. Gradually optimize and improve service levels to achieve maximum customer value.

After the meeting, all the participants enjoyed the dinner together in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The company leaders toasted with everyone to express their sincere blessings. The new year has new hopes. In 2019, we have gained sweat and experience, as well as achievements and glory. In 2020, all the officers and men of NFLG will only strive for the day and night, and strive to achieve the company's leapfrog development!

Say goodbye to the past, and welcome the new year. Thanks for colleagues who are still busy on business today! Thank you for doing our best in our respective positions! Thanks to everyone who has achieved success and helped others! In the new year, I wish us progress with the company and go higher!

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